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About Links Academy

Links Academy is a NEASC-accredited college preparatory program for students in grades 6-12. An individually tailored program is created to meet each student’s unique academic needs and goals.

  • Why do students choose Links Academy?

Most students come to Links Academy to complete coursework from another school, to earn credit for middle school, or to meet high school graduation requirements.

  • Who are Links Academy students?

Students come to Links Academy for different reasons including medical leave, the need for a flexible schedule, or because they are transitioning from one school to another or a traditional school setting is not meeting their needs.


1:1 Student Instruction

All instruction is delivered in a one-on-one format and students are paired with an instructor who is a subject-area specialist in their course.

  • Is instruction always live?

Yes! Whether you choose in-person, remote or hybrid the instructors will always provide live, one-on-one instruction.

  • How does the 1:1 instruction at Links differ from a tutoring service?

Links Academy is a NEASC-accredited school where students earn grades, credit, and a transcript for their coursework. Teachers are knowledgeable in developing and delivering curriculum, assessing for understanding, and adolescent development.


Open Enrollment

Links Academy accepts students 12 months a year. A new program can be set up in a matter of days.

  • What is the enrollment process?

The first step is to contact the Executive Director to discuss what each student’s particular needs are. We will then work together to design a program that best meets his or her goals.

  • Does a student have to withdraw from their current school in order to attend Links Academy?

No, the Links Academy team can work in collaboration with students' current school programs to help them meet their academic goals.


College Preparatory Curriculum

Links Academy offers all levels of classes in a wide variety of subject areas.

  • What if a student needs to take college prep level, AP courses, and academic electives?

Links Academy has an impressive team of instructors with a wide range of subject specialties, including AP courses. That, in combination with the 1:1 instructional model, gives Links Academy the ability to offer a wide range of course topics to meet another school’s requirements or the student’s interests

  • Do students get into competitive schools after completing a program at Links Academy?

Many Links Academy students move on to independent day and boarding schools as well as a variety of colleges and universities.


Flexible Scheduling

Links Academy offers flexible scheduling in order to accommodate students' other academic, specialized pursuits, or health-related commitments.

  • What does flexible scheduling look like at Links Academy?

Our 1:1 class model allows Links Academy to schedule classes for particular days of the week and times of the day.

  • Can students make up work during the summer or during a school break?

Links Academy's 1:1 class model provides the flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing and challenging schedules that many students and their families struggle with. 

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