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Faculty & Staff

Links Academy teachers are area experts with extensive knowledge in the subjects they teach and are highly supportive of their student's learning needs. Every one of our teachers has a passion for their content area and inspires students in the classroom through hands-on, interactive, and student-centered learning.  Teaching in a 1:1 classroom allows our teachers to build strong relationships with their students so that they can focus on their unique learning style to engage students in the learning process.  The job of our teachers is to draw students into their learning environment so they can be successful in the classroom and feel good about the work they are doing intellectually and emotionally.


Becky Rabassa.jpg

Becky Rabassa

Executive Director

Ann Ramone.jpg

Ann Ramone

Administrative Coordinator

Brennan Kelly.jpg

Brennan Kelly

Director of Tutoring and Test Prep


Colleen Ryan

Director of Instructional Services


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Liz Adams


Hazel Curran

Jon Fermo.jpg

Jon Fermo

Jeanmarie McLean.JPG

Jeanmarie McLean

Jeff Zuckerman.png

Jeff Zuckerman

Marisa Annunziata.jpg

Marisa Annunziata

Margaret DiBernardino.jpg

Margaret DiBernardino

Robert Kelly.jpg

Robert Kelly

Ema Paynter.jpg

Emma Paynter


Emma Boniche

Chad Ennis.jpg

Chad Ennis

Carol Levison.jpg

Carol Levison

Betsy Varian.jpg

Betsy Varian